About Us

Give a Garden

Give a Garden is a collaboration of many of New Zealand’s leading garden retailers. By offering a widely redeemed and recognized nationwide gardener’s gift card the receiver is not limited to a particular store or chain.

This offers lots of choice and the ability to spend, for example, some of the card in the local garden centre and the balance in a different store. It’s a flexible and friendly choice for the gardener. A Give a Garden gift card is absolutely ideal where you are buying a gift solution for a loved one who lives rurally or in a different town. Add a beautiful greeting card and you have a lovely gift which will be greatly appreciated.

Go to our STORES page to locate your nearest garden centre stockist.

Gift Station

Gift Station is an initiative of epay, global experts in the management and logistics of gift card programmes and prepaid services. By partnering Give a Garden gift cards with Gift Station, you have the reassurance that your gift choice is backed by a professionally managed trust fund and best practice electronic processing technologies.

With thousands of Gift Station outlets throughout New Zealand you have the convenience of purchasing your Give a Garden gift card while you get your groceries, top up at the petrol station or online. No need to even leave your home to organize your gardener’s gift. Or visit one of our Garden Retailer stockists and do a little garden shopping of your own while there. Find out more about epay Gift Station